Macintosh Magazines in Korea

Apple has made waves and grown market share in the Korean market as shown by the Macintosh publications being printed and put on the magazine shelves in Korea. These Korean Mac Magazines are in Korean, printed in Korea and are focused on Apple's latest and third-party products such as Macintosh computers, iBooks, Mac Books, Pro's, iTV, Apple TV, iPods, iPhones and everything else Apple lifestyle.

Macintosh users can visit one of the Korean book stores in Korea or Apple stores and pick up MacMadang and With Mac & DTP for a reasonable price. These are full color Korean Macintosh magazines specifically for Korea Mac Users.



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MacMadang is Korea's largest and oldest Macintosh magazine which has been serving the Korean Mac community for years. The magazine is written in Korean and covers all Apple lifestyle, hardware, software and Mac related gadgets. The full color publication is available...

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With Mac and DTP

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With MAC & DTP focuses on Mac use with graphic design and desktop publishing. Each issue is set to cover unique topics and give professional Mac users better information and tutorials on new techniques for the graphic and DTP software for the Mac.

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