Macintosh Magazines in Japan

Macintosh users in Japan are growing daily which has called for more publications about Apple, Macintosh, Mac OS X, iPods, iTunes, iTV, iPhones and the rest of the Mac lifestyle. Included are the known Japanese Mac magazines printed in Japan in Japanese language.

Many of these Macintosh magazines put out special issues on topics and even books commonly referred to as Mooks as they are on the Magazine racks in Japan. These magazines are referenced here so that you can find these great Japanese magazines in your local book store. If you live outside of Japan you can always contact a local Japanese book store in your area and request it. The price will be from 10-25.00 USD depending on the size and if its a book, magazine or mook.

MacPeople, MacFan, and MacJack or just a few Japanese Macintosh magazines. If we're missing any please let us know, we strive to keep this Japan Mac Magazine section up-to-date with the latest Japanese Macintosh magazines and books.



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MacFan is a Japanese Macintosh Magazine written in Japanese for Mac users of Japan. Each issue of MacFan is packed with so much information and tutorials, reviews, and articles on the latest Mac trends. This is a worthy subscription for all Mac users in Japan wanting to learn something new about their Macs.

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Mac Jack is for the Mac users who think different, its an edgy macintosh magazine for the Japanese Mac users living on the edge. Learn techniques and programs that other Japanese Mac magazines don't teach you. Discuss security and underground, file sharing and searching the Internet for files normally not discussed.

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Mac People

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Japanese Mac Users, may I have your attention please! MacPeople is the premier Macintosh magazine for Japanese Mac users, this magazine is written in Japanese and published in Japan for the Apple Mac users.

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