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MacWorld China

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12 issues / 1 year
Origin: China
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MacWorld is the largest Macintosh publication company in the world offering Macintosh magazines in over 10 languages and growing. There is no wondering why MacWorld China came into existence as the growing population of Internet and computer users is soaring.

MacWorld China is written in Chinese for Chinese Macintosh users ideally in China but throughout the world. The magazine is packed with the latest news about Apple computers and the products for them by Apple and third party companies. Follow the latest news about Apple iPods, Iphones and the Apple TV as well as the latest computers.

Learn how to be a better power user by reading MacWorld China, these articles all written in Chinese will guide the user to become more accurate and achieve quicker skills with their Macintosh computer. Subscribe to MacWorld China to save a percentage off the cover newsstand price and to have MacWorld Chinese delivered to your home.