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Australian MacWorld

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Origin: Austrailia
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The longest-running Macintosh magazine outside the USA, Australian Macworld has over 20 years’ experience serving Australia’s Mac community. This experience means unsurpassed expertise in news, reviews, features, practical advice and commentary.

Only Australian Macworld reviews Macintosh products under Australian conditions. Only Australian Macworld reports, without fear or favour, on events in the Australian Mac market.

We’re the first, the best and the only all Australian Mac magazine.

A large and growing number of Australian Mac users read Australian Macworld: from home users to accountants, musicians to publishers, teachers to video producers, writers to lawyers, designers to doctors, read Australian Macworld. The Mac platform now reaches far beyond its traditional graphics and education strongholds into small-to-medium enterprise and even government.

Anyone in Australia who wants to make the most of their investment in the Mac — and make the best purchasing decisions for software, peripherals and upgrades — reads Australian Macworld.